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The Goji Berry Plant is inhabitant of the Himalayan expanse, but is also found in many other areas of Asia, including Western China, Mongolia and Tibet, where there are more than forty varieties. A well-known poem was written in the Tang Dynasty about the beauty and the healing properties of the goji plant, and for centuries, it has been valued for its positive effects. Westerners have only lately discovered the goji plant, and there is much eagerness in health circles these days of its immense effects.

Goji the latest wonder medicinal goji plant is a Himalayan shrub that grows to a height of 8 to 10 feet extensively grown in Tibet and Mongolia. The plant bears small flowers with purple or blue color and red colored fruit. The fruit that is sweet in taste can be consumed raw, fresh or dried. The fruits of the plant that have become popular recently because of their curative qualities and high content of anti oxidants than any other food plant on earth, are also being used in the treatment of cancer.

The plant that requires sufficient sun light and non monstrous well drained soil is drought tolerant. The leaves of the plant nicknamed as matrimony wine or youthful tea can be used in salads and drinks.

The Goji juice plant can be pruned to grow to a size of 6 to 8 feet that also makes harvesting easier and can also be grown in big pots. The plants have thorns though not many like black berries or rasp berries.

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